Top 10 Luxury Cars for 2014

The list of “luxury cars 2014” continues to grow as more makers are entering this high end market. This year has seen additions from companies that have previously been known only for their economy. The vehicles included here range from the affordable luxury models to the extreme luxury brands every one expect.

Affordable Luxury for Any Budget

The 2014 BMW X-1 is the leader in price for a luxury brand with a base price starting below $31000. The X-1 is a crossover that provides an entry into BMW but still retains much of the luxuries that BMW is known for.

The Toyota Avalon provides another entry into the luxury market for those wishing to remain under a $35000 price tag. The Avalon has a solid history of providing luxury and value.

Still keeping under $40000, the 2014 Lexus IS250 is a good choice for those looking for affordable luxury, but not wanting a BMW. A car that is as fun to drive as it is luxurious, Lexus provides a lot of value in the IS250.

Michael's IS250

An American option in this price range is the 2014 Cadillac CTS. Redesigned and positioned for performance, the CTS shows that American automakers are able to compete with the best the world has to offer on all levels.

A Higher Level of Refinement

The Mercedes Benz E class for 2014 offers a large range of vehicles in a range of prices starting in the low $50000 range and reaching up to twice that amount. The E class is available as a sport coupe, convertible, sedan or wagon and delivers performance and efficiency with as much as 42 mpg highway mileage.

The Ultimate Hyundai Equus is the top of the Hyundai line and offers luxury on par with Mercedes and Lexus models costing quite a bit more. This car offers a lot more than you expect in the $68000 range.

Audi offers the A8 large sedan at a price beginning at $75100 and allows for quite bit of customization before reaching the top price of 135900. There are plenty of standard amenities that prove this is a true luxury vehicle. The A8 is a large sedan that has reduced weight due to liberal use of aluminum in it’s body.

Phantom Black Audi A8 L W12

The Ultimate in Luxury Choices

The 2014 Maserati Quattroporte retains its true racing heritage in a production luxury sedan. With either the 3.8L V-8 or the 3.0L V-6, you will have performance that matches the Italian styling you find in Maserati vehicles.

The 2014 Bentley Continental GT has the refined heritage you would expect in a British luxury coupe. Under the hood you will find a workhorse engine to provide performance to match the luxury in the cabin.

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT GTC Aerodynamics in Matte White.  Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt, vented hood, rear diffuser and front lip for coupe and convertible

The ultra luxurious 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom is definitely a car for those with particular tastes and an unlimited wallet. A just under $500000, the Phantom has a long history of being the vehicle of choice for the likes of heads of state and top notch entertainers alike.

If you are in the market for a luxury vehicle and are ready to fulfill your automotive dreams, then explore the pages here and start your journey.